Be Different

As Christians shouldn’t we be different? Shouldn’t we be distinct, separate, not the same, out of the ordinary, unusual? Christ was distinct, separate, out of the ordinary, and he called his followers to be like him.

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When God Moves

Sometimes God’s promises can seem far off and even unobtainable. Our circumstances can take turns that make us question God and feel like we need to give him a hand. Today we’ll be examining the life of Joseph. We’ll learn from his life what we are to be doing while we wait and how to recognize when God is moving.

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Never Give Up; Overcoming Discouragement

Most of us are no strangers to discouragement. Many have experienced times when discouragement has turned into despair and hopelessness. The main trouble with despair is that it’s self fulfilling. People who fear the worse tend to invite it.
Every person who’s ever lived has dealt with discouragement from time to time. We all experience days when we just don’t feel like carrying on or that we feel depressed, defeated or fearful. I have days when I just don’t want to be a Pastor, I have days when I feel like maybe God made a mistake or honestly I just don’t care if he made a mistake or not I just don’t want to do it.

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