Great Expectations

There is a little book, long out of print, called Expectation Corner, tells of a king who prepared a city for some of his poor subjects. Not far away he constructed a large storehouse where everything they needed would be supplied if they would only send him their requests. There was one condition, however: they should constantly be on the lookout for his messengers so that when they came with the gifts in answer to their urgent pleas, the petitioners would always be found waiting and ready to receive them. One faithless subject, not actually expecting to get what he asked for, never watched for their delivery. One day he was taken to the king’s storehouse; and there, to his amazement, he saw scores of packages that had originally been made ready for him. The messengers had come to his door, but because he was not looking for them, the king’s gifts never satisfied his needs. Sometimes God makes us wait for things, simply because we are so unbelieving and wishy-washy in the way we ask for His heavenly favors. Many miss out on desired blessings because they close themselves in the gloomy chambers of doubt. Or their real expectations are that while they would like to trust God, the reality is that they don’t, so they just go through the motions

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